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Automatic Fill Delivery Service

Automatic Fill Delivery Service

It seems that as every year passes, our lives become busier and more hectic. Between running the kids to music lessons, sports practices, early and late day work meetings, exercise classes and church, ordering propane is probably the last thing on your mind. The next thing you know, you come home to an empty propane tank, a frigid home, no way to cook dinner, cold showers and a house full of grumpy family members. To top it all off, it’s the weekend, the weatherman in calling for snow and you realize that if you call the emergency line, there is an after-hours delivery charge!

No one wants to be here and you are probably wondering how to avoid this chain of events? The answer is simple; Automatic Fill service. Many G&B Energy and Appalachian Energy customers already enjoy the benefits of Automatic or “keep fill” delivery service. Our computerized delivery system projects accurate delivery dates so you never have to call in for deliveries; we do all the work for you. Twenty-four-hour emergency service is provided at no additional charge in the unlikely event that situations beyond our control result in a fuel outage.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost more to be on Auto fill?
In most instances Auto Fill saves customers money because G&B &App Energy offer Auto Fill discounts. Auto Fill customers are filled on a regular delivery route, this allows us to fill your tank when we have a truck in a specific area on the same day. By working in one area at a time, we save money and can pass these savings on to our customers. Check with your local office to see how much you can save today!

What happens if I run out on Auto Fill?
We offer emergency service to Auto fill customers at no additional charge. If you run out of propane or heating oil after normal hours, we can dispatch an on-call person to fill you up. This service is offered at no additional cost. Run out instances that are a result of a past due balance could result in after-hours delivery charges.


Automatic Fill Disclaimer – Automatic service is contingent on prompt payments. Past due balances could result in a service interruption. Residential propane customers, participating in the G&B/App Energy Automatic Fill program, may receive discounted pricing on a per gallon basis.

G&B Energy and Appalachian Energy offer Automatic delivery service to customers with approved credit. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs due to the exhaustion of the fuel supply including but not limited to, personal injuries or any damages to the property that result from an out of fuel situation. Customers acknowledge that it is their sole responsibility to monitor their fuel usage and they agree to contact G&B Energy or Appalachian Energy if the tank level falls below 20 percent of capacity.


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