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  • Fireplace Special


    -Free ON/OFF remote on PROPANE units ONLY Log set must have a Selling Price of $650 or higher
    -Save UP to $350 Rebate on Select Direct Vent Inserts, fireplaces and stoves. Up to $200 of Rebate from G&B and Instant and $150 mail in rebate from the NCPGA
    Kozy Heat, Hearthstone, Regency, Vermont Casting Fireplaces and Inserts – $200 Rebate from G&B & $150 rebate from
    Kozy Heat Oakport & Birchwood Stoves $125 G&B Rebate & $150 rebate from NCPGA

  • Tankless Water Heater Rebates

    Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Rebate ProgramEndless Hot Water, Less $$$

    Heating water is one of the largest energy expenses faced by today’s homeowner. Some reports estimate that as much as 30% of a home’s energy use comes from a water heater tank. But there is a better way! A propane-fueled tankless water heater can provide you with an endless supply of hot water and can significantly lower energy bills.

    The benefits of a Rinnai tankless water heater include:

    • Monthly energy savings as much as $45 to $65 per month*
    • Endless supply of hot water
    • Saves space
    • ENERGY STAR® certified is markedly better for environment
    • Units typically last twice as long*

    G&B Energy has also partnered with Rinnai, the world’s #1 brand of tankless water heaters, to offer energy and money-saving propane tankless water heaters starting at $395 after rebates.

    Click below for a FREE estimate from your local propane pros at G&B Energy! During your consultation we will analyze your hot water needs and provide you with your free written estimate.

    button: request free estimate

    Or call 855-LPG-PROS

    *As compared to electric tank water heaters

  • NCPGA Rebates

    NCPGA Rebates

    Install Propane Appliances and increase your comfort while saving money! G&B ENERGY has access to rebates from the NC PROPANE GAS ASSOCIATION for the safe installation of propane fueled appliances! Tankless water heaters qualify for a $150 rebate, direct vent fireplaces, stoves and inserts qualify for a $150 rebate and if you install a new gas furnace you qualify for a $250 rebate.  Act now because once the money runs out, these rebates will be gone! All installations must either be completed by G&B Energy service technicians or be inspected and pressure tested by G&B Energy technicians.  All applicable permit fees apply, other restrictions may also apply. The amount varies per appliance. The following appliances are eligible for the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate:

    $250 Rebate –
    Propane furnace or gas pack

    $150 Rebate –
    Propane tankless hot water heater
    Propane vented room heater

    $50 Rebate – 
    Propane storage type hot water heater
    Dual fuel heat pump with propane as one of the fuels
    Propane fueled Cook Top/Range
    Propane fueled Clothes Dryer

  • Auto Fill Discounts

    SAVE UP TO $0.15 cents per gallon when switching to Automatic Fill

    Try our automatic fill program and save up to $0.15 cents per gallon! With Automatic Fill you never have to worry about calling our office to fill your tank, our computerized delivery system will schedule your delivery. Contact a customer service representative today to see what your discount will be by changing to the G&B automatic delivery program! Offer is only valid to residential customers with approved credit.

  • Stable Propane Pricing – PROPANE CUSTOMERS

    Stable Propane Pricing

    12 Simple Payments = 1 Smart Solution. Stable Propane Pricing allows you to pay the same amount every month all year long for your propane bill. On the 12th month of the program we will balance your usage, which basically means if you use less than your normal amount, you get cash back or a credit on your account! Of course if you use more, you will be responsible for the difference. Generally, you will pay less with this program because you don’t have to worry about prices going up when you need propane the most! To get more info or to sign up, click here.

  • Budget Payment Plan (BPP) - OIL CUSTOMERS

    Budget Payment Plan

    Never worry about high winter oil bills again! Our Budget Payment Plan allows customers to pay the same amount each month. Your payment is calculated by estimating your annual fuel usage based on the previous year. The BPP program runs for one year with 11 equal monthly payments starting in June and ending in April. The 12th month (May) is the settlement month. If you have a balance, you will receive a statement at your billing address reflecting the remaining amount due. If you have paid more than your total deliveries we will credit your account for the amount that has been overpaid. The BPP program starts in June and you may sign-up April 1st thru May 31st. Some restrictions may apply.