Stoves can be installed in your living roomThe design and installation freedom offered by today’s stoves are endless. We offer sales, service, and also the installation of gas, wood, and pellet burning stoves.

Above all, stoves are a quick and budget-friendly way to add warmth and ambiance to any room in your home. Install a stove in your living room, basement, sunroom, or a hard to heat bedroom. They can also be used as a backup heat source in the event of a power outage! In addition, they can be used as a supplemental heat source, allowing homeowners the cost savings of zone heating their home.

Unlike traditional heating, zone heating involves heating only the rooms you use. For example, when you are relaxing in your living room, the new stove can warm the room. The home’s main thermostat could then be turned down. As a result, the central heating system will run less often. By using this heating method, many customers with central heating systems conserve energy that is typically wasted on heating the entire home.

Gas stoves feature realistic flames


Gas Stove types include direct vent, top vent, or vent-free models. As a result, these can vent into an existing chimney, through an exterior wall or through the roof of a home. By comparison, unvented or Vent Free models do not require a vent. Gas models require very little maintenance other than annual service. In addition, owners can operate the stove by a hand-held remote control (thermostat version available), a user-friendly wall switch or wall-mounted thermostat. As a result, homeowners with a thermostat controlled gas stove enjoy the comfort levels provided by precise temperature control. Click here to view a gas stove fact sheet provided by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

Our wood stoves are all Appalachian energy and EPA certified


Wood stoves include top and rear vent models. As a result, they can vent into an existing chimney or through the roof of a home. Of course, all of the wood burning stoves and inserts we sell are EPA certified. Click here to view a wood stove fact sheet provided by the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association.


Pellet stoves burn compressed wood pellets made from recycled saw dust. In addition, many pellet stoves feature an autostart option and can fuel themselves. Once the hopper is loaded with pellets and the stove is burning, the automatic feed system can feed pellets into the firepot or combustion chamber to maintain the desired comfort level. By comparison, pellet stoves require the most maintenance of any of the stove options on the market today. Click here to view a pellet stove fact sheet provided by the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association.

Stoves are available in various sizes and shapes and feature varying materials. Current style offerings include contemporary, mission, rustic, and cast. Stoves typically consist of steel, cast iron and soapstone and are also available in numerous colors and textures. View the catalogs of the most popular stove brands we sell below!

Kozy Heat Products

Kozy Heat Stoves link

Kozy Heat Stoves Catalog

Hearthstone Products

Hearthstone Gas and Wood Stoves Catalog

Hearthstone Gas & Wood Stove Catalog


Vermont Castings Products

Gas Stoves:

Vermont Castings Direct Vent Gas Stoves Catalog

Vermont Castings Direct Vent Gas Stove Catalog


Wood Burning Stoves:

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stoves Catalog

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Stove Catalog


Regency Fireplace Products

Gas Stoves:

Regency Gas Stoves Catalog

Regency Gas Stove Catalog


Wood Burning Stoves:

Regency Wood Stove Catalog

Regency Wood Stove Catalog


Pellet Stoves:

Regency Pellet Stove Catalog

Regency Pellet Stove Catalog


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