Our automatic refill service saves you the hassle of always callingAutomatic Fill – Most G&B Energy & Appalachian Energy customers enjoy the benefit of automatic “keep fill” delivery service. Our computerized delivery system projects accurate delivery dates so you never have to call in for deliveries; we do all the work for you. Twenty-four hour emergency service is provided at no additional charge in the unlikely event that situations beyond our control result in a fuel outage. Automatic service is contingent on prompt payments. Past due balances could result in a service interruption. Residential propane customers, participating in the G&B/App Energy Automatic Fill program, may receive discounted pricing on a per gallon basis.

G&B Energy and Appalachian Energy offer Automatic delivery service to customers with approved credit. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs due to the exhaustion of the fuel supply including but not limited to, personal injuries or any damages to the property that result from an out of fuel situation. Customers acknowledge that it is their sole responsibility to monitor their fuel usage and they agree to contact G&B Energy or Appalachian Energy if the tank level falls below 20 percent of capacity.

Will Call – Call in deliveries are only made at your request. You are responsible for monitoring fuel levels and ordering fuel five business days before depleting your fuel supply. This allows your delivery to be scheduled when drivers are in your area. Same day deliveries and partial fills will incur a special service charge. After hours deliveries will be charged a $200 plus tax delivery charge that must be collected at the time of delivery.

Credit Policy / Charge Accounts – With approved credit, payments are due within 30 days of delivery. Balances are considered past due 31 days after the delivery date and will accrue pro-rata finance charges at a rate of 18% APR.

G&B Oil reserves the right to deny or discontinue credit for poor payment history or based upon information provided from an outside source.


Customer Forms:

Residential Customer Application
Commercial Customer Application
Sample Service and Purchase Agreement
Automatic Payment Authorization Form