Hearth insert repairG&B Energy and Appalachian Energy’s in house service departments offer local service technicians trained to repair the products we sell. Our technicians can troubleshoot, diagnose and often make repairs in one trip. It’s impossible to stock repair parts for all products, so occasionally a part must be ordered to make your repair. Parts arrive in as little as one day or may take up to 7 business days to arrive. If parts must be ordered to make your repair, a return trip is scheduled when parts arrive at our location.

We realize that waiting on parts can be an inconvenience. We are committed to making all repairs as quickly as possible. G&B Energy was founded in 1930 with a simple goal, a goal of providing customers with the highest level of service available. That commitment has allowed us to successfully serve thousands of customers in the Piedmont, Foothills and Mountain Regions of North Carolina and beyond for over 85 years!

When your water heater dies and a cold shower is in your future, your furnace* stops heating, or you just need to schedule an annual service for your gas fireplace, our technicians are ready to serve you!

*Furnace repair is not available at every location. If it is not offered by your local service department, we can recommend a local company that will be happy to make your needed repairs.