Elkin Propane Gas Delivery and Local Showroom

Come see the latest propane appliances that G&B Energy offers at our local showroom in Elkin!

It can sometimes be hard to find a good company to deal with when it comes to propane delivery. That’s why we at G&B Energy do our best to not only meet our customers’ expectations but to surpass them in any way possible. Since opening our doors in 1930, we’ve been dedicated to our customers in the Elkin area. Whether it’s delivery services, new appliance installations, repairs, or even backyard upgrades, you can count on our staff to find you an affordable personalized solution. We are very proud of our Elkin showroom, because not only is it our main hub, but also it’s the perfect location for our staff to show off some of the latest innovations in propane.

Why Visit Our Local Showroom?

Come to our showroom in Elkin to see all of the latest items that we have for sale. Newly expanded, it allows you to see your options in ways that mere pictures can’t display. The items that are in our showroom include:

  • Vent-free stoves and fireplaces
  • Direct fireplaces
  • Great brands like Hearthstone, Kozy Heat, Monessen, and Regency
  • Outdoor kitchen and grilling areas
  • And more!

These are just a taste of what we offer in our business. While there, you can ask our sales associates any questions that you have and get a free for how personable and professional we are as a company.

How to Tell Propane Repair Services Are Needed

One of the most common propane repairs that you’ll need is when you have a propane leak. It’s important to know the signs of a propane leak, so you can more effectively solve the problem. These symptoms include:

  • Suspicious Odors – If you’re smelling something unusual, it’s a good idea to get in contact with your propane company right away. There’s a good chance you have a leak.
  • Hissing Sound – If you’re hearing a hissing sound, a leak in your propane is a possible possibility and you should assume that’s the reason. It’s important that you get out of the home and, when you’re safe, call your fire department and your propane company.
  • Faster Consumption – Even when you have a small propane leak, you’re going to notice that your propane is being used more quickly. Any consumption outside of the norm is always a cause for concern.

In many cases, these issues can be attributed to simple problems like work connections or wear and tear. We offer basic appliance repairs and can help inspect and diagnose your propane system.

Which Appliances Can Use Propane At Home?

    • Fireplaces
    • Outdoor Fire Features
    • Tanked & Tankless Water Heaters
    • Boilers
    • Vent Free Heaters
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Grills & Smokers
    • Dryer
    • Range or Cooktop
    • Stand by Generators

How to Choose Reliable Propane Delivery Services

When you’re looking for a company to choose for your propane delivery, you may have plenty of options to choose from. So how do you know what one to choose? Below are some of the things you should look for in a propane delivery service that helps you know that they are a good company to work with.

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Great customer service
  • In business a long time
  • Great online reviews
  • Options for delivery

At G&B Energy we hit every mark and then some. With years of local expertise in Elkin, we are your reliable propane company. We offer automatic propane delivery solutions, expert installations, and can even help you diagnose any minor repairs. Our goal is to help you make the most of your home, ensuring your comfort every day!

Come to the G&B Energy in Elkin to see the newest propane technology or call us at (336) 835-3607 to get a free quote. We are your reliable propane delivery company.