Mills River Propane Gas Delivery and Local Showroom

The propane your home uses to power your water heater and keep you warm during those Mills River winters is essential. So why aren’t you working with the best company for delivery and maintenance? At G&B Energy, we’ve been serving the Mills River community since 1930. Whether it’s propane delivery, new appliance installation, or basic repairs and maintenance, you can trust our reliable staff to keep your home comfortable and safe. Best of all, Mills River is home to one of our showrooms, giving you an opportunity to speak with our staff on a personal level, to help you find that perfect gas-powered solution for your home.

Reliable Propane Delivery Services

A reliable supply of propane is essential for your comfort and safety – particularly during heavy use seasons like winter. As homeowners, we understand that you have a lot on your mind, which is why running out of propane is a common occurrence for many in the Mills River area. At G&B Energy, that’s why we’re here to help!

We offer a variety of filling services, including propane, motor fuels, and heating oils. Additionally, for your added convenience, we offer automatic refills, which takes the guesswork and stress out of remembering your next delivery. Our staff will analyze the capacity of your system, your daily needs, and which appliances work off it, and schedule propane delivery services on a timely and convenient schedule.

Even if you run out of propane in the middle of the night, you can count on our technicians for after hour emergency delivery.

The Installation Process on New Appliances

Natural gas and propane is an energy efficient and reliable solution for many of your home appliance needs. Because they often require less fuel to operate, they can provide you with lower energy costs to operate. While you may think of propane in terms of your outdoor grill, it can also be used in various ways to add convenience and comfort to your home. We stock and install many different fixtures, including:

  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Fire Features
  • Tanked & Tankless Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Vent Free Heaters
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Grills & Smokers
  • Dryer
  • Range or Cooktop
  • Stand by Generators

We specialize in all aspects of propane and can help you leverage this affordable solution for all your home needs. Whether you want to upgrade your hearth without the need for constant firewood or you want that perfect outdoor space for hosting, our staff can help you make the most of your home needs.

Visiting Our Showroom

For residents of the Mills River area looking for a little more guidance or help with their propane and energy needs, you can visit our state-of-the-art showroom!

Not only is this an opportunity to speak with our staff, but also it might inspire you to make upgrades in your home. Our facilities are outfitted with “live burn” display units so you can easily see how things work and how they might look in your home.

At G&B Energy we’ve been providing our customers with personal attention since 1930. Whether you’re a grill master looking for that extra edge or simply want to up the style in your home with the convenience of a vent free fireplace, you can count on our staff to find the ideal solution for you!

Need reliable propane delivery services in Mills River? Call G&B Energy at (828) 891-7371 and let our staff leverage years of experience to help you and your family.