gas logs are a great alternative to wood burningDoes your home feature a wood burning fireplace? Bring that drafty inefficient fireplace back to life. A new realistic gas log set is a quick and affordable way to do just that. Gas logs are available in many shapes, sizes and styles to fit in with any type of home décor and any budget. Once you install a set of gas logs, you can sit back and enjoy the dancing flames from your fireplace. To do so, simply use the flick of a switch or click of the remote control.


Direct vent inserts are much different from vented fireplaces of the past. Direct vent inserts use outside air for combustion and then vent the exhaust fumes back outside. As a result, direct vent inserts allow for a safer and cleaner burn with a high efficiency rating. Many units qualify for rebates.

Because they have no odor, direct vent units are ideal for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers and small children or elderly adults.

Direct vent units are also quickly becoming the fireplace option of choice by homeowners.

Below you will find brochures for a few of the popular brands that we sell and install. These brochures are only a small portion of the products we have access to through our distributor network.

Chaska Gas Inserts Catalog

Chaska Gas Inserts Catalog


Roosevelt Gas Inserts Catalog

Roosevelt Gas Inserts Catalog



Vent free products make an excellent choice to add supplemental heat to an area. These products use air from within the room for combustion then “vent” the heat back into the room. Because of this, some people notice an odor that is associated with combustion. Most affected by the odor are allergy and asthma sufferers (along with the elderly and young children). The manufacturers of vent-free products recommend a window or door be cracked while operating your vent free product. If you suffer from breathing problems, make direct vent products your first choice.

We offer vent free gas logs ranging in size from 18-inch to 36-inch. We sell manual and millivolt (remote ready) and IPI (Intermittent Pilot Ignition), gas logs certified for masonry fireplaces or vent-free fireboxes. Millivolt models are designed for use with a remote control or a wall switch and feature a pilot light that must be lit at the beginning of every heating season. IPI models feature a full function remote control and they DO NOT have a pilot light that requires attention. The unit features electronic ignition and is lit by pressing a button on the remote control. The power required to light the logs is provided by a battery pack.

G&B Energy & Appalachian Energy sells, installs and also services gas logs from many of today’s industry leaders, including: Monessen, Empire/White Mountain Hearth, R.H. Peterson/Real Fyre & Heatmaster. Click one of the links below to view the catalogs of three of the most popular vent free gas log brands we sell!

Monessen Vent Free Gas Logs Catalogs

Monessen Vent-Free Gas Log Catalog


White Mountain Hearth Gas Logs Catalog

White Mountain Hearth Gas Log Catalog


Real Fyre Gas Logs Catalog

Real Fyre Gas Log Catalog



WE NO LONGER SELL, INSTALL or SERVICE VENTED GAS LOG SETS. The following information is for reference only.

Vented gas logs create ambiance and the appearance of a roaring fire. They do so without the hassle and mess associated with a wood burning fire. They are best suited for customers that want a small amount of radiant heat but desire the look of a roaring fire. Vented gas logs create fine particles of black soot while in operation. All vented gas log manufactures require that the fireplace damper be locked in the open position when vented gas log sets these are installed. Since the damper is locked open, vented gas logs are very inefficient compared to a vent free gas log or direct vent insert. Vented gas logs are available in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from 18” up to 60”.

Click to view a Gas Log Fact Sheet and a Zone Heating guide provided by the Hearth Patio & BBQ association please click here. We recommend the installation of a Carbon Monoxide detector in the homes of ALL of our customers!

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