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10 Tips to Perfect Your Winter Grilling

De-ice your grill

Your grill doesn’t need to sit neglected through the winter. Despite the cold, we’re big advocates for grilling and enjoying your favorite grilled foods year-round.

Winter grilling provides the perfect excuse to practice your grill skills, keep your grill active and have your favorite foods through the winter.

However, winter grilling is no summer picnic. The cold weather requires a few extra safety precautions and some changes in how you traditionally grill.

Follow these tips to have a safe, wintery cookout.

Dress Warm but Safe

Standing out by your grill in the cold will be torture if you aren’t dressed warmly. However, be sure your winter clothes aren’t a fire hazard. A jacket and thick socks are necessities, along with non-skid shoes if it’s icy. But, watch that your sleeves aren’t too long and avoid scarves or other clothes that hang down. If you plan to wear gloves, use heat-resistant ones rather than traditional snow gloves.

Fill your Tank

If it’s extra cold outside, your grill may require more heat (and gas) than usual. Plan ahead by filling your propane tank or having a spare ready to go at any time. Or, if you’re a real grill pro, your propane provider can connect your grill to the home’s main propane tank. This can eliminate the headaches that come from having to fill and replace propane cylinders.

Fire Magic Grill LightsLight Your Grill

During winter, you’ll need to “light your grill” in more ways than one. Since the sun goes down earlier through the winter, you’ll likely find yourself grilling in the dark. This means that you’ll need adequate illumination, whether in the form of an outdoor patio light or spot lighting. This shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s much easier to over or under-cook grilled foods when visibility is limited.

The most savvy grill masters won’t have to worry about this because they have a grill with built-in lights.

De-Ice Around Your Grill

If there’s any ice built up on or directly around your grill, take the time to clear it away. This is for your safety and could help your grill heat up faster. Make sure you have a clear, ice-free path back into your house as well. You don’t want to slip, especially with your dinner in-hand!

Do a Safety Check

The winter weather and lack of regular use could lead to a blockage in your gas line or around the burners. Check that these are clear of ice and debris before using your grill. If the flame on your gas grill is yellow rather than blue, you may have a clogged air inlet.

Start Early

Your grill will take longer to preheat during the winter months, so give yourself twice the time to cook. Patience is key to winter grilling.

Use a Meat Thermometer

Your food may not cook through as quickly on colder days. It’s a good idea to check the temperature of your meats before removing them from heat and serving them.

Leave the Lid Down

This should typically be practice in any weather but especially during the winter cold. It will help conserve heat and cook your food faster.

Don’t hide from the cold. Use these winter grill tips to let your skills shine all year round!

Is your grill not cut out to handle winter grilling? It may be time to upgrade!. Find your perfect year-round grill here.


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