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7 Unique Foods to Throw on the Grill This Summer

G&B Energy 7 Unique Foods to Throw on the Grill This SummerIf you’re planning a grill session, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have the standard hamburgers and hot dogs ready to prepare. However, if you really want to get creative and impress your family and guests, below are some fun and unique food items to throw on the grill this summer:


This well-loved dish is just as tasty on the grill as it is out of the oven. Brush some olive oil on flattened dough and place it on the grill. Once it’s cooked (when you start seeing grill marks), take it off the heat and add toppings of your choosing with the grilled side up. Put it back on the heat for two to three minutes, or when the cheese gets melty. Then, enjoy!


Brush olive oil on the tortilla and lay it on the grill, oil side down. Throw in the cheese and other toppings, and when the cheese begins to melt and brown, fold the tortilla over to close it up. Remove from the heat, then cut and serve!


This fruit is a must-have for any serious griller. Simply cut the fruit in half and coat with olive oil (after removing the seed, of course). Place the halves face down on the grill for five to seven minutes. Once finished, you can top the fruit with anything you like (salsa or Greek yogurt are good choices), or leave it plain for a delicious and filling side.


Most people probably don’t find lettuce that exciting. It won’t be overlooked ever again once you throw it on the grill. The smoky flavor produced by the flames gives life to this vegetable and gives it a nice crunch. Once cooked, you can add other vegetables or enjoy it solo with a simple salad dressing.


An easy way to make a fabulous dessert — cut a peach in half and butter both sides. Placed the buttered side down on the grate and close the grill lid. Cook for about four minutes on each side or until softened and charred. Then, throw a scoop of ice cream on top to make it the ultimate summer dessert!


Berries are an exciting addition to any dessert. Create a lemon and sugar mixture (here’s a recipe from Food52) and add blueberries, raspberries, and/or any other preferred berry. Take the mix, put it in aluminum foil, and place on the grill over medium heat for 10 minutes. Serve immediately over any dessert of your liking, like ice cream or Greek yogurt.

Ice Cream

Grilled ice cream takes a little more prep than some of these other dishes, but the result is well worth it. Scoop whatever flavor you like into two-inch balls and put in the freezer for two hours. Make an egg batter and coat the ice cream balls with it, and then roll in coconut shreds. Repeat that process two more times and then place the balls back in the freezer until completely frozen. Grill for one or two minutes on each side or until you begin to see the coconut browning. Remove from the heat and enjoy!

Now that your mouth is watering, why not fire up the grill and try some of these out? If you’re shopping for a new grill, check out our summer deals below!

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