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Gas Fireplaces 101

Fireplaces have stayed among the top amenities a homeowner looks for when purchasing a new house.According to the National Association of Home Builders, they rank second behind outdoor patios, decks and porches. Fireplace design options have improved over the years to make fireplace additions much morefeasible. Even in situations where there are no existing chimneys in place, fireplace installation can be simple and affordable. Combine the wide variety of contemporary and traditional designs with the improved energy efficiency associated with gas fireplaces, and you can see why they outsell wood and pellet models combined by more than double.

FireplaceBenefits of gas:

  • Immediate ignition – A flick of the switch (or remote) replaces traditional wood preparation.
  • No hauling of firewood
  • No ashes or floating embers from firewood
  • Constant and steady heat – Gas supplies a continuous and consistent heat.
  • Complete and precise control of heat output – Gas as a fuel source can be better regulated to adjust heat settings to your comfort level.
  • Air and atmosphere quality – There are far less harmful by-products entering the atmosphere from gas combustion than from wood burning.
  • Does not require a chimney installation

Venting options:

Direct Vent:

Direct vent fireplaces and inserts are very different from the inefficient vented fireplaces of old. Today’s direct vent units use outside air for combustion and then vent the exhaust fumes back outside without losing the heat. This technology allows a high efficiency rating and the safest and cleanest burning fireplaces available.

Direct vent units are quickly becoming the fireplace of choice for building contractors and homeowners alike. The benefits of a no odor fireplace and the peace of mind given from a direct vent unit are just a couple reasons direct vent fireplaces are growing in popularity.

Direct vent units are ideal for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers and small children or elderly adults.

Vent Free:

Vent free hearth products have become available due to technology advances that allow for gas heaters to be installed without external venting. While vent free products are perfectly safe, some people may notice an odor that is associated with combustion. Allergy and asthma suffers, along with the elderly and young children are most affected by the odor.

If you suffer from breathing problems direct vent products should be your first choice.


Vented gas logs are best suited for customers that want a small amount of radiant heat but desire the look of a roaring fire. Because the damper in a fireplace must be locked in the open position when vented gas logs are installed, vented gas logs are very inefficient compared to a vent free application. They do however give the most realistic appearance of any gas log set available.


There are several different options to consider when deciding on the right hearth product for your home. G&B Energy is available to help with a FREE, no obligation hearth consultation! Just sign up below!



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