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Easy Tips for Grill Maintenance and Safety

As summer heats up the temperature, it also heats up our grills! Despite the soggy summer season so far, our grills have been busy cooking up everything from Angus steaks to zucchini. To better enjoy this American outdoor tradition, we need to take care of our grills by keeping them clean and safe.

Here are some easy tips for grill maintenance and safety:

  • grillUse a grill cover when not in use.
  • Keep your grill outdoors and at least 10ft. away from any structure.
  • Before lighting the grill, apply non-stick spray on the grates. The protective spray cuts down the clean-up time afterwards.
  • Use a wire brush to scrub away buildup on the grates once your grill has cooled after use. Leaving it for too long will cause buildup to harden and become difficult to remove.
  • For tough buildup, remove your grill grate and place it into the oven during a cleaning cycle. Temperatures will reach 900 degrees Fahrenheit to incinerate most caked-on food matter.
  • Keep spare propane cylinders outdoors, upright, and away from the grill.
  • Read your owner’s manual!

For more information on grill and propane safety, check out this resource on our website put together by PERC (Propane Education and Research Council).


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