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The Best Ideas for Outdoor Winter Hosting

The Best Ideas for Outdoor Winter Hosting

Winter is the perfect time to get creative with entertaining by hosting an outdoor winter party! With no leaves on the trees and a crisp, but

 not too cold, air outside, it’s the perfect time to entertain outside. There are so many fun ideas for hosting an outdoor party this winter; here is a list of our favorites. There is something here to capture everyone’s attention from children to adults, different tastes, dietary restrictions, and keep everyone comfortable.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Light the gathering space

If you’re hosting an outdoor party this winter, set the table with candles and light them as the sun sets. This will create a cozy atmosphere for your guests. You can also use battery-operated votives to avoid any worries about fires. Electric lanterns also work great and create a cozy atmosphere!

Allow for social distancing

Even though you’re hosting an outdoor party, you’ll want to make sure that guests are able to socialize and not feel cramped. Try arranging the seating in a way that allows for people to spread out a bit.

Offer seasonal (and easy-to-serve) fare

One of the best things about winter hosting is that you can easily serve seasonal dishes! You can keep it simple by offering hot dogs and burgers that you cook up on the grill, or create a buffet with seasonal comfort food staples.

Offer warm beverages

One of the easiest things to do is offer warm beverages. For example, offer a variety of hot drinks like hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or spiced 

wine. Drinks can be kept in warm crock pots and you can let your guests help themselves! 

Keep Your Guests Warm

Set up outdoor patio heaters

Outdoor patio heaters are an excellent way to keep your guests warm. These units are specifically designed to radiate heat outward, where people are gathered. Ensure that you have enough at each end of the gathering space so all locations can be heated easily and evenly.

Fire up the gas firepit

Starting up your firepit is another great way to keep guests warm. Even if it isn’t very cold outside, the radiant heat from an outdoor gas firepit or fire table can feel like a campfire without the ash and smoke. A steady fire is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere, provide entertainment, and light your space. Gas fire pits also provide enough heat for your guests to sit around and stay warm! If you are a traditionalist, a wood campfire is a great alternative and allows guests a place to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. If there are children attending, pay extra attention that they stay safe and are supervised around the fire.

Have extra blankets on hand

Make sure you have plenty of extra blankets on hand. This way, if someone gets cold they can easily grab a blanket and cozy up on the patio furniture to stay warm!

Health and Safety Tips

When hosting any type of event, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here are a few health and safety tips for outdoor winter hosting:

  • Ensure that your guests are dressed appropriately for the weather. If it’s cold outside, make sure they have hats, gloves, and warm coats. Have extra gloves and blankets on hand. Make sure invitations state that it is an outdoor winter party and to prepare for cold weather.
  • If you’re serving food or drinks, limit the number of people who are handling food and drinks. You should also make sure all items are within reach of those who will be serving them. This eliminates the need to travel back and forth from inside to outdoors which can lead to people getting too cold.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light so everyone can see what they’re doing. This is especially important if you’re having an evening gathering.
  • Ensure that there is plenty of room for people to move around.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the restrooms are located.
  • Have a first-aid kit on hand in case of any accidents or injuries.

Outdoor Winter Game and Activity Ideas

No outdoor winter party is complete without winter games. Here are a few ideas for your outdoor winter party.

Host a backyard game tournament

Consider having a variety of games like cornhole, ladder golf, washers, or horseshoes. You can even ask your guests to bring their own favorite yard games to get them involved in the planning and fun!

Hold a scavenger hunt

Hide items like winter-themed books, snow globes, or plan a grand prize and winter-themed clues. This will keep your guests busy in your own winter wonderland!

Outdoor movie theater

Set up a projector and screen in your backyard and watch a winter-themed movie! This is perfect for those who want to stay inside but still enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor movie theater is a great outdoor entertaining idea that works for all seasons! Arrange some chairs and blankets outside, and have guests nestle down with movie-themed snacks and beverages next to the fire. You could even rent a popcorn machine and have cups or bowls filled and ready to go when guests arrive.

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