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Keep Your Home Safe and Cozy with these Fireplace Tips

The Energy Experts In Elkin, NC Share Tips On keeping Your Fireplace Safe and Effective

A fireplace is a wonderful amenity to have in the home during the winter season. Not only does it add a certain cozy ambiance to space, but it provides warmth to the home, as well. When working with any fireplace, and propane units especially, safety is a key concern that should always be addressed first.

Below, the energy experts in Elkin NC have provided their tips on keeping propane fireplaces safe and working properly. They will also share the importance of propane to everyday life in the winter, and a few things to remember during the long cold season.

The Importance of Propane In The Winter Months

Propane has become an everyday part of many homeowner’s life due to cost-efficiency and cleaner combustion. Many residents rely on it for things such as outdoor lighting, grills, and other major appliances. In the winter, however, propane is even more necessary as it can run heating systems, plus it can be used in place of a wood-burning stove.

Propane fireplaces have become a popular concept due to its added safety and cleanliness. Not only can a fireplace add a cozy atmosphere to living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms, but it supplements the normal heating system, therefore, cutting down on energy costs. Many residents use their fireplaces, along with other propane run systems on an everyday basis to power many major appliances around the home.

Fireplace Safety Tips

Even though a propane run fireplace is safer than a traditional wood-burning unit, there are still some safety procedures that should be followed. Here are five of the best safety tips to follow:

  • Safety Screen: Propane fireplaces use a glass screen for protection and effectiveness. The glass, however, can become extremely hot, which is why they now come equipped with a safety screen over the glass. Before you turn your system on for the season, make sure the safety screen is secure.
  • Clearance Space: Although you can place objects closer to a propane fireplace than their counterparts, you should still maintain a safety zone around the unit to prevent any accidents from happening.
  • Carbon Monoxide: As with any gas run appliance, it does have the potential to produce an excess of carbon monoxide. Residents should check and test their detectors regularly to ensure they are working properly.
  • Log Placement: Another aspect of the fireplace you want to keep your eye on is the placement of the logs. If you notice a shift, or if they tumble all together, you need to turn the unit off and call for help. The placement of the logs is done is a specific way to create the best burn for the propane.
  • Maintenance: The most important safety tip is having your fireplace inspected and maintained annually. A professional will be able to spot trouble before it occurs, plus maintain the system preventing issues from happening in the first place.

If you notice anything outside of the ordinary, you should turn the system off and call a professional for help as soon as possible. Safety for your home and family is always the number one concern.

Other Things To Remember

One thing to remember that is typically not mentioned is to refill your propane tanks. There is nothing more frustrating for homeowners then looking forward to a nice night by the fire only to realize their tanks are empty. Not only that, but many residents also rely on propane generators in case of a power outage. Setting up a restock schedule can keep this from happening, and will keep your family safe and warm.

Overall, ensuring your family is safe and warm throughout the holidays, and the cold winter months is the most important aspect of having propane run appliances. If you need repairs or maintenance performed, it’s essential to reach out to a professional that can help.

G&B Energy

G&B Energy is a family-owned business and has been serving the community of Elkin NC since 1930. They provide quality service and excellent customer service to each customer they service. Available for all your propane system needs, G&B Energy is available to help with expert and reliable service.


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