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How to get your home ready for winter: Propane Edition

How to get your home ready for winter: Propane Edition

Getting ready for winter doesn’t just mean getting out the sweaters and coats from the attic. It’s important to properly maintain your propane appliances to keep them running efficiently all winter long. 

Check  Your Tank Gauge 

You don’t want to get stuck in a cold spell with an empty propane tank. Waiting until the last minute can cause extra delivery fees, unwanted stress and a chilly home.Image of propane tank gauge
You can learn how to check your propane gauge here. If your account is set on Will Call, be sure to call your local G&B Energy office to schedule your delivery when your tank is close to 20%. Ask your local office how you can be set up on Automatic Deliveries, and never worry about letting your tank get low again! 

SERVICE-(2)Service Appliances 

Right now is the time to call your local G&B Energy office to have your propane logs, fireplaces, and gas inserts serviced to be sure they are ready to fire up properly this winter! Properly cleaned appliances allow for more efficient use which could mean money savings for you!  

Change Filters

Be sure you are changing the filters in your furnace on a regular basis. It’s always a good idea to check your filter before you start heating for the winter and regularly throughout the cold season. When you have clean filters, you have cleaner air and more efficient heating of your home. 



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  • Burt Silver
    May 16, 2018, 1:51 pm REPLY

    I like what you said about checking your tank gauge. That is something I should definitely do before winter hits. We heat our house with our gas fireplace, so making sure we have enough propane would be a good idea. If we don’t have enough maybe we should get some propane delivered to us.

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