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13 Delicious Recipes for Tailgating Season

Football season is nearly here, and that means your second favorite fall pastime is also just around the corner: tailgating! Whether you’re tailgating the game from the comfort of your own home (perhaps your outdoor living space) or in a parking lot before kickoff, the best part about it is the variety of food and drink. We’ve collected some recipes that would be a hit at any tailgating party below.


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipe Blog Pork SlidersPork Sliders with Sweet Onion Relish

Topped with sweet onion relish and served on a bun of your choice, these five spice pork sliders will be gone within minutes.


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipes Blog Honey Glazed Ribs

Honey Glazed Ribs

Though these ribs take a little extra time and effort to prepare, the results will be well worth it: tender, savory, sweet and tangy ribs all at once.


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipes Blog Cheese Stuffed Burgers Cheese Stuffed Burgers

This recipe gives cheeseburger a whole new meaning and tastes amazing. Putting the cheese inside of the burger instead of on top also makes for less of a mess and room for even more cheese!


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipes Blog Chili DogChili Dogs

Hot dogs and chili are tailgating classics on their own, but when you put the two together it’s the stuff of legends.


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipes Blog Sweet Tea Bbrined Chicken Sweet Tea Brined Chicken

There’s nothing better than sweet tea and grilled meats, so why not combine the two for a mixture of sweet and salty?




GB Energy bacon potato salad recipeBacon Potato Salad

The germans definitely know their bratwursts and beers, but they also know how to make a mean potato salad! This side dish has the best combination of flavors: smoky from the grill and tangy from the mustard. Hearty and warm, this salad is perfect for when the weather cools down.


GB Energy stuffed peppers recipeStuffed Jalapeno Peppers

This list wouldn’t be complete without bacon somewhere on it. These little wraps are easy to make (only three ingredients) and easy to eat!


G&B Energy Grilled Salsa recipeGrilled Salsa

What’s better than salsa at a Mexican restaurant? Your own homemade Mexican-style salsa. Be sure to char the vegetables well for another layer of flavor, and throw in some wood chips if you’d like to make it a little smoky.


gb energy smoked mac n' cheese recipeSmoked Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is always guaranteed to be a crowd favorite, so why not throw it on the grill at your tailgate? Grilling and chili pepper add that extra smoky flavor that is sure to please everyone.


Gb Energy Tailgating Recipes Blog CornbreadIron Skillet Cornbread

Cornbread is tasty, versatile, and classic southern cooking, so it should definitely have a place on your tailgating menu. The honey-butter topping that comes with this recipe takes this cornbread to the next level. Plus, it can be cooked on the grill or in the oven!



grilled smores recipeGrilled Smores

Smores shouldn’t just be reserved for campires, bring them to your tailgate to cook on the grill! With this method, the chocolate gets melty too, so make sure to bring more napkins.


molasses cookies recipeMolasses Cookies

This recipe makes four dozen cookies, perfect for feeding friends and family!


GB Energy peppermint brownie recipePeppermint Brownies

If you like brownies and thin mints, then this peppermint brownie recipe will satisfy your cravings for both. It uses real crushed mint candy so there’s an added element of texture. Serve with whipped cream.

With this list of recipes, you’re sure to be fully prepared for the coming season. Happy tailgating!



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