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Top 5 Grills for Summer 2015!

Summer is officially here! That means warm weather, family vacations and of course, grilling season! Grilling technology has come a long way in recent years, so even if you think the grill you already own gets the job done you could be missing out on new advances!

Read below to learn about the top five grills for summer 2015!

1.) Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Class Joe Top 5 Grills Summer 2015The Classic Joe ceramic grill may be compact (it has an 18 inch diameter), but it provides the ultimate charcoal flavor any true grill master can appreciate. The cooking range will run from 225°F (107°C) to over 750°F (398°C).  This means you can cook all your summer favorites to total perfection.

The Classic Joe comes fully equipped with the grill, a cart, side shelves, an ash tool and a grill gripper. It also has a flexible cooking system where you can cook on multiple levels; which means you can cook meats and vegetables at the same time! The grill comes in signature red or classic black.

If the Classic Joe seems too small for your tastes, then the Big Joe may be your solution. It has all the same perks as the Classic Joe; the only difference is its 24 inch diameter.

2.) Saber

Saber edge grillThe Cast Series grill uses infrared technology to deliver a noticeable difference in the taste of your food. Say goodbye to overcooking and charring!

The Cast Series comes in either a 300, 500 or SS 500 BI. The Cast Series 300 contains 2 burners, the 500 has 3 burners with an additional side burner and the SS 500 BI has three burners that are built in. The SS 500 BI also has a fully stainless steel construction and is available to special order.

The Edge is the newest grill on the block and a great choice for the tech-savvy types. It has the ability to connect to your iOS or Android devices though the use of Wi-Fi, so you can keep an eye on your grill from your phone while you’re inside prepping food.

This technology also lets you keep track of gas levels, temperature, lit burners and battery. It has a thin profile cantilever design that holds an infrared cooking system and comes with a fully featured online cookbook and social media platform.

That’s not all! It also includes a glass window that allows you to check on your food without lifting the lid and letting heat out.

3.) Fire Magic

Fire Magic Aurora Top 5 Grills Summer 2015The Aurora grill comes equipped with two different types of burners: the cast stainless steel “E” burners that are guaranteed for life, or the infrared burners for quick searing and high temperature cooking. The integral and removable oven warming rack is perfect for when you need to use lower heat settings.

The Aurora is easy to get started with its Advanced Hot Surface Ignition. You just simply push in the control knob, turn up the gas and light the grill. It will heat up quickly and will remain hot through a system of 16-gauge stainless steel flavor grids.

These grids are made for durability and keep heat evenly distributed. There’s also an optional recessed stainless steel rotisserie back burner and heavy-duty rotisserie kit. Compared to other grills of its size, it has more cooking space. One of the great things about the Aurora is you can grill at night because it has built in Halogen Lights. It also has a storage rack for a rotisserie spit rod.

Top in its class, the Diamond Echelon combines performance, beauty and innovation all into one grill. This model has a unique contoured face, sleek lines, and state-of-the-art features like hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, dedicated woodchip smoker drawer and an optional Magic View window.  The window allows you to see what’s cooking without releasing any heat. These features turn ordinary grilling into luxury grilling.

Both the Aurora and Diamond Echelon are available through special order only!

4.) Wilmington Cape Fear Classic

Cape Fear Classic Top 5 Grills of Summer 2015The Cape fear Classic started it all for Wilmington grills. The Classic is the perfect image of performance, quality and durability.  This grill is affordable and works well in any location. The Classic comes with standard 10’’ heavy-duty rubber wheels, 2 large side shelves (12’’x19’’), 7-sided cooking chamber design and cast stainless steel burners.

5.) Louisiana Pellet 700

Louisiana Pellet Top 5 Grills Summer 2015The Series 700 is made for quick heat up so if you’re someone who is always on the go, this grill is perfect for you.  This grill has quick heat-up capabilities that gives you the ability to fire-up the grill for a quick and easy dinner.

The quality of food on this pellet grill that burns 100% hardwood cannot be reproduced on a gas or charcoal grill.

The LG 700 is the perfect size for 2-4 people and is packed full of the standard features for the LG Series. The value built in is nothing short of perfect for a beginner level griller.

The standard features consist of a “Digital Control Center,” flame broiler, 14 lb. capacity pellet hopper, a proprietary exhaust system for even smoking, and fan-forced convection cooking. Other features include a “Stay Cool” handle, domed lid thermometer, removable upper cooking racks, and a full-length upper cooking shelf.

The remaining features are a solid bottom shelf, handle and thermometer bezels, 300-watt auto igniter and heavy-duty casters and heels. The coated items are made of porcelain-coated cast iron main grids and steel upper racks.

The temperature ranges from 179°F Hot Smoke to 600°F Searing and is controlled from the Digital Control Center.  It has a 5-degree temperature adjustment and automatic start up and cool down.

The Series 700 consists of a 14-gauge heavy-duty steel construction. The overall size is 43.75’’ High x 38.75’’ W x 24.’’ The assembled weight is 152lbs.


Want to learn more about these grills and G&B Energy’s current summer grill specials? Click below!

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