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Fourth of July Grilling Tips


One week until the Fourth of July which means one week until the most popular grilling day of the year! Whether you’ll be using your grill to entertain friends or just relax with family, check out these Fourth of July outdoor grilling tips!

Grill Guide

First things first, you need to decide which grill will suit your Fourth of July grilling wants and needs. Gas, charcoal, and wood-pellet are all great options but have different advantages and disadvantages. Here is a detailed chart below with side by side comparison:

Gas  Ceramic Charcoal  Wood Pellet
 Low Operating Cost  Most Versatile  Smoker and Grill
 Easier to Clean Up  Smoke Flavor  Easy to Operate
Quicker to Heat & Easiest to Operate Great Heat Retention  Precise Temperature Control
Precise Temperature Control  Requires Time and Attention Requires More Maintenance

Grilling Time Guide

Another crucial part of grilling is cooking your meat to perfection! Here, we have provided a grilling guide from Weber Grills to ensure that you don’t overcook or undercook your meat, pork, and vegetables. Click on the table below to see the full version!

Weber Grill Temp Guide

Safety Tips

  • Before lighting the grill, apply non-stick spray to the grates. The protective spray cuts down on clean-up time.
  • Wear clothes that do not have hanging shirt tails, frills or aprons.
  • Never leave a grill unattended once lit.
  • Use utensils with long handles to avoid burns.
  • Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fire extinguisher handy. If you don’t have a commercial extinguisher, keep a bucket of sand or a garden hose nearby.
  • Never attempt to move a hot grill. It’s easy to stumble or drop it and serious burns could result.

(Source: HPBA)

Grilling Tips



Classic hamburgers are perfect for the Fourth of July! Here are five tips for having the best burgers in town: (Source: Grilling Companion)

1. Choose the right meat: Freshly ground meat produces the best beef flavor; ground chuck and ground sirloin are also great options for a fatty ground beef.

2. Use high/direct heat: It’s best to apply high heat and cook the burgers quickly; don’t cook them too long or they will dry out.

3. Be gentle: Don’t pack your hamburgers too tight or flatten them out too much or you run the risk of them drying out and being tough.

4. Flip once: Only flip the burgers once so that you don’t disrupt the juices.

5. Toast/Grill Buns: Get high quality buns and make them a little crispy to add a little extra to your burger.

Try this All-American Bacon Burger Recipe!

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Ribs are also a classic Fourth of July dish. To impress all of your family and friends with delicious ribs, follow these four basic tips: (Source: Barbecue Bible)

1. Choose the right rib:

  • Baby back ribs are the most tender and leanest ribs; a full slab has about 11 to 13 bones.
  • Spareribs are typically richer and more flavorful than baby backs; a slab has at least 11 bones.

2. Dry rub: Use a rub to apply the base layer. Make sure to sprinkle it not massage it into the meat. A basic rib rub formula is salt, pepper, paprika, and brown sugar. Add extra herbs for flavor.

3. Grill low and slow: Cook on low heat and slowly (be patient!) to enjoy soft and tender ribs.

4. Apply sauce at end: Apply a sweet sauce during the final minutes of cooking; otherwise, the sugar will burn before the meat is cooked.

Check out this video from Saber Grills for a visual guide!

Also, try out this Prize-Winning Baby Back Ribs Recipe!

grilled vegetablesGrilled Vegetables:

Grilled vegetables serve as great side dishes to be paired with your hamburgers and ribs. Don’t be intimidated! These 4 tips will help your grilled vegetables be cooked to a tee: (Source: Eating Well)

1. Cut it down: Cut you vegetables into small pieces so that they will cook quicker and have the crisp texture you want.

2. Coat in olive oil and seasoning: Coat your vegetables in a little (not too much!) olive oil to keep them from sticking to the grill and drying out from the heat. Salt and pepper your veggies prior to grilling for added flavor.

3. Use skewer/basket: Use a skewer or basket to keep vegetables from falling through or rolling around.

4. Sear over high heat then move to cooler part to finish cooking: Different vegetables take longer to cook than others. To prevent them from burning, sear on high heat then switch to a cooler part of the grill to finish.

Try these Grilled Vegetable Skewers!


By following these great grilling tips and tricks, we are sure you will have the best Fourth of July yet! Have a happy Independence Day!



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