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How to Clean Your Grill

G&B Energy How to Clean Your Grill Blog Post ImageAfter all of those summer cookouts and backyard parties, your grill could probably use a good cleaning. If you do not clean and cover your grill on a regular basis, its lifespan is drastically shortened. In order to get your money’s worth out of a grill, and to make sure your burgers are on point, we’ve put together some basics on how to clean your grill.

Cleaning the Interior

We recommend that you clean the interior of your grill by simply taking a putty knife to the interior grill pan to scrape away excess grease. While some people like to scrub their grills down with soapy water, this can make a huge mess, and if you’re looking for an easy clean-up this is not the way to go.

The greatest way to keep your grill clean is to always preheat it before cooking and to burn it off at the end of every cooking session. This ensures that any food particles left behind will char and fall to the pan, where you can then scrape it out easily with the putty knife. Scrape and empty your interior pan on a regular basis, and you will be good to go.

Cleaning the Exterior

Many leading grill manufacturers recommend cleaning the exterior of your grill once every two weeks with a non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaner. The material that your grill is constructed of will determine the best way to clean your grill.

If you have a Ceramic or porcelain coated grill, a glass cleaner with a paper towel will do just fine. Just remember that anything you put on your grill that leaves behind a film or finish will be subjected to the heat of your grill. This may cause discoloring and make your grill look worse than it did before.

For a stainless steel exterior, we recommend a stainless steel cleaner, used with a microfiber towel. You will get the best results by buffing the surface with the grain, not against it. If you clean against the grain, you run the risk of creating small scratches in the surface.

It is always best to cover your grill when it is not in use. This keeps things like pool chemicals, tree sap, and acid rain from corroding your grill and making it more difficult to clean. It may seem like a no-brainer, but never put a cover on a hot grill. If it melts, it will not be easily removed!

*Extra tip* Check for Gas Leaks

It is a good idea to periodically check all gas connections for leaks. This is especially important to do when you hook up a new grill tank!

The best way to check for leaks is to brush soapy water along the connections and turn the gas on at the tank. If bubbles begin to form, tighten the connections or replace the line.

If you cleaned your grill and it’s still not up to par, G&B Energy has a large selection of high-quality grills that will guarantee a great grilling experience every time you use it. Click below to see our grill line up.

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