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[Infographic] Tankless vs. Conventional Water Heaters

infographicDid you know? 25% of every dollar put towards your energy bill goes to heating water. Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular because of the efficiency and savings they can bring to a homeowner.

The infographic below compares tankless water heaters to conventional tank water heaters head-to-head in categories such as size, lifetime, hot water capacity, efficiency and energy savings. Click the infographic if you need to view a larger size.

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Tankless Water Heater Infographic

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G&B Energy has partnered with Rinnai, the world’s #1 brand of tankless water heaters, to develop an unbelievable rebate program for G&B customers! You could save up to $500!

Current Rebates and Tax Credits:
G&B Energy Instant Rebate $200 – $400
Rinnai Mail-in Rebate $50  – $100
Total Potential Savings $500





This amazing offer expires on September 30, 2014 so click the button below for a FREE estimate from your local propane pros here at G&B Energy! 855-LPG-PROS

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