gas lightingWhen many folks think of gas lighting, memories of family camping trips come to mind. While propane is a frequent source of illumination while camping, the ever increasing popularity of outdoor living has introduced propane gas lights and torches as key design elements to homeowners, designers and contractors. While gas lighting dates back to the late 1790s in England, the safety, design and reliability of gas lighting have all improved drastically.

The warmth and glow provided an open flame copper gas light is an unmistakable feature of many luxury homes and should be considered when planning your outdoor room or new home construction project. Gas lights can be used to light pathways, mark entrances and as an architectural accent.

Modern day gas lights come in two styles, manual and electronic ignition.

Manual lights typically burn constantly until they are shut off manually at each light. They have to be started by the owner with an integrated igniter or with a lighter. Manual lights are less expensive to install and maintain but have higher operating costs.

Electronic ignition models are among the most popular types of gas lights on the market today. These lights are switch operated just like electric lights. When the switch is turned to the on position, the gaslight is started by electronic ignition sparker and will burn until you turn the switch off. Another similarity to electric lights is that multiple lights can be installed in series and controlled by one switch.These lights can also be installed on timers or light sensors and programmed to come on at dusk and run for an hour or hours.

An added benefit is that many gas light manufacturers make their models in gas or electric. This allows you to choose one style of lights and match your gas and electric outdoor lights. Electronic ignition lights cost more to purchase than their manual ignition counterparts but can save greatly in operating cost because they are easy to light and turn off with the flip of a switch.

G&B Energy & Appalachian Energy feature models by St. James Lighting and the award winning Tempest Torch.

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