Direct vent fireplaces and inserts are much different from vented fireplaces of the past. These days, direct vent fireplaces use outside air for combustion and then vent the exhaust fumes back outside. As a result, direct vent fireplaces are high efficiency. They also allow for a safer and cleaner burn. 

Because they have no odor, direct vent units are ideal for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers and small children or elderly adults.

Direct vent units are also quickly becoming the fireplace of choice for contractors and homeowners alike. 

Below you will find brochures for a few of the popular brands that we sell and install. These brochures are only a small portion of the products we have access to through our distributor network.


Kozy Heat

Direct-Vent Fireplaces

Kozy Heat Callaway Series

Callaway Fireplace Series Catalog

Kozy Heat Bayport Series

Bayport Fireplace Series Catalog

Kozy Heat Alpha Series

Alpha Fireplace Series Catalog

Kozy Heat Carlton Series

Carlton Fireplace Series Catalog

Kozy Heat Slayton Series

Slayton Fireplace Series Catalog

Kozy Heat SP Series

SP Fireplace Catalog

Kozy Heat Springfield Series

Springfield Fireplace Series Catalog

Heat Stoves

Kozy Heat Birchwood & Oakport Series

Birchwood & Oakport Series Catalog


Kozy Heat Chaska Inserts Series

Chaska Inserts Series Catalog

Kozy Heat Roosevelt Inserts Series

Roosevelt Inserts Series Catalog

*Fireplaces from Regency and Vermont Castings are available by special order.