Complete Guide to Gas Hearth Products

There is a reason fireplaces have stayed among the top amenities a homeowner looks for when purchasing a new house. The ambiance they provide simply cannot be replaced with anything else. Fireplaces have long been synonymous with warmth, family and comfort. In many cases, it is the fireplace that truly makes a house a home.

Complete-Guide-to-Gas-Hearth-ProductsWhile the appreciation and perceived value of fireplaces has remained constant, the fireplace itself has evolved from much more than simply burning wood and venting the smoke up a chimney. Now homeowners have several options when selecting the right hearth product for their home including:

  • Type of hearth product (fireplace, insert, gas logs or stove)
  • Fuel (wood or gas)
  • Venting option (direct-vent or vent-free)
  • Location in home (living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement or outdoors)
  • Optional features (thermostat control, remote start, built-in fans, etc.)

The purpose of this guide is to help homeowners navigate these options so that you can make an educated buying decision for your home’s hearth product(s). Simply fill out the form to the right for a FREE download of our Complete Guide to Gas Hearth Products!