The Great Monitor Change Out!

It’s no secret that kerosene monitor style heaters have been one the most reliable heat sources used in the Piedmont and Mountain regions of our service area. Unfortunately, many of these heaters, that have served our customers so well, are beginning to experience service issues and/or have reached the end of their useful life. Since Monitor heaters’ parent company no longer exists, repair parts are hard to locate and if you are lucky enough to find them, they can be rather expensive. While there are a few monitor style replacement heaters out there, they still operate on kerosene. With increased kerosene prices seen last winter and elevated prices projected for this heating season, you may be asking, how can I keep my home cozy and warm and save money while doing it?

Your trusted partners at G&B Energy / Appalachian Energy have a great solution for you, a propane
fueled Rinnai Ductless Furnace. Rinnai offers several models, including the EX22 and EX38 models,
that are comparable in size, operation, and heat output to kerosene monitor heaters. In most cases they are installed in the exact location as your monitor heater, even venting through the existing vent hole in your wall, making for an easier and less costly installation than other options. Best of all, they run on propane, a more cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel! Plus, our trained technicians can install and service your Rinnai ductless furnace too!

For a limited time, G&B Energy / Appalachian Energy would like to offer current customers discounted prices on the installed cost of Rinnai Ductless Furnaces with up to $250 in rebates. Attractive and affordable financing options are available, with low monthly payments, to help ease the burden of upgrading your heating source. And best of all, your propane price will be guaranteed for the entire winter. That’s right, you pay the same per gallon propane price of $3.099 for the entire heating season.*

Don’t delay, schedule a free estimate as this offer expires August 15, 2024.

* Offer Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice. Propane Price through April 30, 2025. Rebates for propane units only.
Must trade in monitor heater and use G&B or Appalachian Energy for propane service to qualify.

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