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Heating oil is a warm and dependable way to heat your home

Oil heat is a warm, dependable heat that has stood the test of time. Heating oil is still as effective today as it was over 90 years ago. The need for a dependable heating oil supplier is the reason G&B Oil Company was formed back in 1930, and oil heating remains a large portion of our business today.

Heating oil furnaces are efficient. The majority of heating oil furnaces and boilers that are manufactured utilize condensing technology that results in extremely high efficiency ratings that exceed 92%. Since one gallon of heating oil contains 140,000 BTU’s of energy, homes that heat with oil warm up quickly and use less fuel than homes heated using other fuels.

Whether you need heating oil for your furnace or kerosene for your monitor heater, you can count on our safety trained delivery staff to keep your tank full and your home warm.

G&B Energy and Appalachian Energy offer automatic heating oil delivery service or will call heating oil delivery service to customers served from our Elkin, Advance, Boone, Millers Creek, Mills River, Pilot Mountain or Sparta locations.

We offer a Budget Payment Plan to assist our customers with paying their heating fuel bills. This monthly payment program has quickly become a way for heating oil users to budget their fuel bills.

Large transport loads of kerosene and heating oil can be delivered to volume users by contacting our Elkin location.

We recommend the installation of a Carbon Monoxide detector in the homes of ALL of our customers.