A mantel and fireplace work to enhance eachotherWhile a fireplace can bring warmth, beauty and ambiance to your room, most homeowners agree that an attractive fireplace mantel is just as important as the fireplace itself. A fireplace mantel and fireplace,whether wood or gas, must complement and enhance the features of each other. We currently offer fireplace mantels from Pearl Mantels and Log Style Mantels.


Pearl Mantels are finely crafted furniture grade mantels with traditional and rustic styling. Pearl Mantels product lines are available in a variety of shelf and flat wall options with several finish options. Pearl Mantels install quickly with a unique ledger board system. The entire catalog can be viewed by clicking on the Pearl mantel brochure below. Please call your local G&B Energy location and place your order.

Pearl Mantels brochure


A log style mantelLog style mantels are solid wood slabs roughly 4” thick and come in depths up to 15”. These mantels are available in Hickory, Eastern Red Cedar, Butternut and Basswood species and offer five finished looks that include bark front and carved. No two logs style mantels are the same because they are made from real wood slabs!

Log Style mantels can be viewed and priced at www.logstylemantles.com. To order your Log Style Mantel please take note of the mantel number displayed with the picture and description. Please call your local G&B Energy location and place your order.

Shipping may apply to ALL mantel orders.